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Development status and future development direction of machine tool industry in China
Release time:2015.10.06 News source:Taizhou Rufeng Machinery Co., Ltd.机床主轴,主轴单元

In recent years, the import of machine tool parts, showing that the domestic machine tool parts can not meet the requirements of the host industry, such as the main axis of the machine tool, although the domestic machine tool market share significantly improve, but high-end economic CNC machine tools, core functional components in the domestic market share is still very low, foreign companies accounted for about 85% of China's high-end machine tool market share.

Domestic machine tool mainly concentrated in the low-end market, although China's enterprises gradually move closer to the end of the market, but the market is still in Taiwan, South Korea manufacturing based. In the long run, in the long run, the mid market is the future of our country's enterprises must open up, in the middle of the market to get a place and to expand the market share of China's machine tool manufacturing industry is essential. The development trend of the machine tool and the technical trend of the main shaft bearing.

At the same time, but also to the end of the road to the high-end market is inevitable. In recent years, the domestic low-end CNC system has basically the foreign competitors out of the Chinese market; and the high-end market is just the opposite, domestic only less than 1/10. China passenger car market competition intensified, enterprises are faced with the survival of the fittest, while large-scale mergers and acquisitions and market adjustment will appear.

Machine tool is the process of automobile production, the level and quality of automobile manufacturing, it depends on the accuracy of the mold and machine tools. Such as Feng Machine Tool Spindle said the car and parts industry is the metal cutting machine tool and die manufacturing industry's largest and most important user. In automobile spare parts processing, the Chinese production of numerical control lathe, vertical machining center can meet the needs of the automotive parts mold manufacturing.

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