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What does the axis jet of NC machine tool mean
Release time:2015.06.03 News source:Taizhou Rufeng Machinery Co., Ltd.机床主轴,主轴单元

As the main axis of the wet machine tool tells you that the spindle jet should have several forms:

Spindle hole jet: it is usually on the machining center and NC milling, when changing the knife, from the spindle taper inside help unloading knife, also prevent the hilt chips and cutting fluid into the taper hole of the main shaft.

Spindle end flange: jet at work, blowing open the tool around the iron, improve surface finish.

Such as Feng Machine Tool Spindle said tool spindle hole jet: there are some deep hole drilling, tool through the holes in, through the upper end of the main axle rotary joint, realize tool jet, will be able to timely slag blow out, and at the same time the cooling tool.

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