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Release time:2015.05.27 News source:Taizhou Rufeng Machinery Co., Ltd.机床主轴,主轴单元

Electric spindle is appeared in recent years in the field of CNC machine tool of machine tool spindle and the spindle motor integrated new technology, it with linear motor technology, high speed cutting tool technology together, will the high speed machining towards a new era.Electric spindle is a set of components, such as Feng Machine Tool Spindle said it includes electric spindle itself and its accessories electric spindle, high frequency inverter, oil mist lubrication, cooling device, built-in encoder, change knife device.

Such as Feng Machine Tool Spindle said electric spindle fusion technology: high speed bearings technology: electric spindle is usually used ceramic hybrid bearings, wear-resisting and heat-resisting, life is the traditional bearing several times; sometimes used electromagnetic suspension bearing or hydrostatic bearings, inner and outer ring does not contact, theory on life without limit:

High speed motor technology: electric spindle is the spindle motor and fusion products together, motor rotor is the rotating part of the spindle, the theory can be the electric spindle as a high-speed motor. The key technology is the dynamic balance under high speed. Lubrication: the lubrication of the motorized spindle generally adopts the time quantitative oil gas lubrication; also can use the grease lubrication, but the corresponding speed to hit a discount. The so-called timing, is every time interval injection of a certain time. The so-called quantitative, is through a call quantitative valve device, accurately control the amount of oil per lubricant. Oil and gas lubrication, refers to the lubricating oil in the carrying of compressed air, blown ceramic bearing. Oil quantity control is very important, too little, can not lubricate the role of too many, in the bearing when the high speed of rotation due to oil resistance and fever.

Cooling device: in order to heat the motorized spindle as soon as possible, the external wall of the motorized spindle is usually the coolant, and the cooling device is the temperature of the coolant..

Built-in pulse encoder: in order to realize the automatic tool change and rigid tapping, electric spindle built-in pulse encoder, in order to realize the accurate phase control and cooperation with the feed.

Variable frequency device: in order to realize the electric spindle per minute tens of thousands or even hundreds of turn of speed, we must with a high frequency inverter to drive the electric spindle with built-in high speed motor, the output frequency of the inverter must reach thousands or tens of thousands of Hz.

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