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Domestic equipment will usher in the best time history of the development of the industry
Release time:2015.05.19 News source:Taizhou Rufeng Machinery Co., Ltd.机床主轴,主轴单元

Such as machine tool spindle Feng said: "a long time, we spend a lot of money to buyequipment, just repeat the experiment." As a matter of fact, we do not have to buy the core technology to also did not buy the most advanced equipment, our front-line researchers used are mostly developed countries "mature commodity". "To seize the commanding point of science and technology strategy, domestic equipment urgently needed in several important areas of independent breakthrough. This is for the domestic instrument provides unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Opportunity not limited to this. "As an important means of supporting energy-saving environmental protection, biotechnology and other emerging industries of strategic importance, scientific instruments and equipment need bigger and strong industry. In the high-end equipment R & D not only can change the status of low positioning instrument made in China, but also enhance the enterprise core competitiveness is the only way. "

Such as Feng Machine Tool Spindle said especially exciting is that "a substantial increase in the demand of equipment quality control, environmental protection, health, agriculture and other industries, for the development of domestic instrument provides a huge market and rare opportunity. Talking about the future of the industry, Su Yansong face began to flicker confident smile. "We will use their own advantages to build the bus."

Except for the market demand, a more gratifying phenomenon is the Ministry of science and technology, national development and Reform Commission, industry and information department and other relevant departments have made clear that will increase the development of the industry, especially the brand independent innovation support. According to the understanding of such as Feng machine tool spindle, in the next five years, only the National Natural Science Fund Committee in scientific instrument R & D investment, funds from the previous 1 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan, "this effort is unprecedented." And the relevant departments set up many research and development projects, including the Ministry of science and technology is proposed to establish the major national scientific instrument and equipment development project "and National Natural Science Foundation Committee set up a" major scientific instrument research projects and other.

"We see this unprecedented opportunity, can not be ignored the Chinese market has become a transnational instrument companies competing for the 'fat'. And the domestic high-end instruments in stability and reliability, there is still a considerable gap, the next five years is the golden age of Chinese equipment industry development, if not seize this opportunity, the industry as a whole may be annihilated. " Liu Changkuan emphasizes, this is not alarmist.

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